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Southern Neon is a leader in the lighting field, and has built up an enviable reputation in the manufacturing of in-house neon. The history of neon goes as far back as 1910, offering a new source of customer attraction for businesses; today it is still extremely popular. Modern businesses value its ability to 'stand out from the crowd,' creating a striking brand image which is visible 24 hours a day.

The benefits of neon mean that it is a highly sought after product. Not only is it bright and attractive, it is reliable, long-lasting (55,000 hours), cost effective and maintains its colour and brightness.

With over 50 different colours in stock, Southern Neon can produce, in-house, neon signs to any size and style; from traditional to retro. Our design team can either produce a concept/logo to suits the customer's needs, or simply translate one that already exists. Features available within neon signs include flashing, dimming and even the setting of neon to motion.

We pride ourselves in offering customers a guaranteed quick turnaround for all repairs; they can be undertaken at our glass shop as and when required. This is one of the reasons why we have become a trusted and highly-regarded neon glass company, valued by customers all over the South of England and beyond.
To view some of our previous neon signs, please click on the thumbnails below:

Neon Signs by Southern Neon
Neon Signs by Southern Neon

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