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Cold Cathode Neon Lighting

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Cold Cathode Lighting

Although the term cold cathode might seem like technical spiel, it is surprising how often we come across it in everyday life. From shopping centres to hotels, bars and restaurants to commercial buildings, cold cathode lighting effects are everywhere we look.

Cold cathode is 'hidden light,' offering a dynamic array of glow lighting effects to highlight and emphasise architectural features. Whether used in ceilings, walls or any other physical spaces, this long-life, low-voltage lighting source offers illumination to a high standard. It is available in a range of colours, sizes and effects, and because of its low voltage is guaranteed a long, sustained life.

Colour flow is a popular choice made by customers, where light colours merge into one another for a stylish, mood-enhancing effect.

Southern Neon manufactures all of its cold cathode lighting in-house, and can offer a full after care service which includes maintenance and spares.

Installation can be carried out by our engineers, or shipped out to customers who wish to make their own arrangements.

Cold Cathode Lighting by Southern Neon
Cold Cathode Lighting by Southern Neon

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